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We are pleased to now be able to offer you the opportunity to access a free face-to-face NHS community pharmacy consultation. 

Pharmacists are highly trained health care professionals able to provide expert advice on a number of health conditions as listed below. The pharmacist will conduct a face-to-face consultation in the pharmacy consultation room. Chaperone or translation arrangements will be made where necessary. 

This service is only in operation based on pharmacy opening hours. Please find a list of opening times for our local pharmacies here.


Basic Steps


Instruction for the patient 




Click on the relevant ailment/symptom

acne, spots and pimplesAllergic reactionAthlete



DiarrhoeaEarache, ear discharge, or ear waxEye: Red, Irritable, Sticky, Watery or Eyelid problems

HeadacheInsect Bites or StingsMouth Ulcers

Nasal congestionPain or SwellingScabies

Skin rash Sleep difficulties or TirednessSore Throat

                          Vaginal Discharge, Itch or SorenessVomiting






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