Coil & Implant Clinic


Long-acting contraception can provide a safe and effective method of contraception. 

There are two different types of coil:

·         One which contains hormones (an intrauterine system, or an IUS for short)

·         And one which does not contain hormones (an intra-uterine device, or IUD for short)

The hormonal coil (IUS) can be used for contraception and also as part of hormone replacement therapy.

The non-hormonal coil (IUD) can only be used for contraception.

The NHS choices  and sexwise website contain more information about the differences between the non-hormonal and hormonal coils.

If you are considering using a coil or would like to have a current coil replaced or removed then please:

·         Read through this information

·         Watch the video on the relevant procedure

·         Carefully read through the consent form (above)