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Week 1 
The NHS health check was quick, painless and very informative. To see that video click here. Although my cholesterol and diabetic screen results were good, it was apparent that I need to improve my activity levels and diet. This week I have joined weight watchers online. I have been to other healthy lifestyle clubs in the past with good results but I struggle to attend the meetings due to work and looking after my children, so this time I am going to try going on my own. 

The first week has gone well. I have found that I need to pre-plan all my meals and do the prep the night before. I have not felt hungry and so far have kept snacks to healthy fruit in between colourful, filling meals. I have also started running (very very slowly) with the help of the “couch to 5k” app. This involves short intermittent jogs and brisk walks over 30mins. Although exhausted by the end, I am still feeling motivated to keep going. 

Next week I hope to get back in the pool and start swimming again! I will keep updating with my progress!

Feel free to let us know at CLMP what you are doing to improve your health and lifestyle on social media.




Week 2

This week has been tough. My body is starting to miss the processed sugar and so for a couple of days I have felt quite lethargic. 

The diet continues with lots of fruit and vegetables. I am getting most of my protein from plant based foods as I am mostly vegetarian. I am eating a lot of pulses and some quorn. Once a week I try to eat some oily fish such as salmon and sardines to help with my good cholesterol levels, but otherwise I don’t eat any meat. 
Tracking my food has been easy. The WW app has proved easy to use and there is a barcode scanner that comes in handy too. You can find some nice healthy recipes on there and there is a vegan and vegetarian section. 
Exercise this week has been 2 swims and a run. For my running I have continued with the “couch to 5k “ app. I have a watch that can assess how far I have swam and then that uploads to a swimming app “SWIMIO”. I find this good fun as you can do set distances eg swimming the Channel but obviously in a swimming pool. 

Weight loss so far=5lbs

So far the motivation has continued so I keep going. I will update again soon!