Social Media & Fitness Club



At Clarendon Lodge we understand the importance of regular physical activity. The type and amount varies considerably based on someones health but there is nearly always a form of exercise that is safe and sustainable. There is a huge body of evidence to support physical activity being far superior to drugs in the prevention and management of numerous chronic health conditions including diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer. 

As a practice we are committed to encouraging our patients and staff to become more physically active. We have set up a fitness club (CLMPFC) to help promote various activities for our patients and staff. The aim of the club is to provide a platform for members to share their exercise experiences and interacting with the other members for advice and support. This can be done on any of our social media platforms (Strava, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram).  

We currently host 2 fitness events. The Clarendon Walkers & runtalkrun. 

We’re really pleased to be associated with such a fantastic event as the Regency 10k. Our patients can get a 50% discount off the entry price... all you have to do is share this post, follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and DM us... then we’ll send you your unique code. (And we may ask you to wear one of our awesome T shirts). 8 weeks until race day... plenty of time to get in shape! Leamington is truly blessed to have this event on our doorstep. So get involved! If you’ve never run before, we would be very happy to give advice on where to find training plans. 

Fitness  Club Challange: #pledge10000

On National Fitness Day we set our patients and staff the goal of covering 10000kms by Christmas. Run, swim, cycle or walk the joy and benefits of physical activity was shared across our social media platforms. Thank you all for such an amazing effort! Keep posted for our next challenge! Better physical health. Better mental health. Better community. #pledge10000 #clmpfc





Parkrun Practice

Parkrun is such a simple concept: turn up every Saturday and walk, jog or run 5k, or if you’re a junior then 2k every Sunday. You can also volunteer in numerous different roles too! It doesn’t matter how fast you go. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing just as long as you are there. So go ahead and grab your trainers. What matters is taking part!



We feel parkrun is a fantastic way to stay physically and mentally well. On Saturday the 1st June 2019 09:00am members of the Clarendon Lodge team in addition to staff from various medical practices in Leamington got involved to support and promote parkrun. Our local parkrun is held in Newbold Comyn. Why not join us at future runs every Saturday 9am? Click on the image below for details of the local run and how to sign up for free.

When registering why not join our fitness club. Together we can promote parkrun and other events for the community we serve! This can be done during the registration process by selecting us as your 'running club'. If you are already a parkrun member this can be done by updating your details on logging in to your account. 

We hope to develop this further in the future and look forward to your participation and support at future events. For other fitness events in our area please click here to explore.