Online Consultations


What is an online form?

An online form is made by our patients accessing and completing a form (available through this practice website). These forms are available 24/7/365 and relate to a large number of problems and queries. The form is completely secure and contains a number of questions relating to the specific problem or query.  Once completed, it is sent to the practice and reviewed by a member of our team  It is then passed to the most appropriate person to be dealt with. We aim to have the forms reviewed within 36 hours if the next day is a working day.

Is this instead of seeing a doctor?

No, and it may be that the doctors or member of the practice team reviewing the online form form decides that an appointment or phone call with a doctor is the most appropriate way of dealing with the patient’s query or problem.

Will my online form be dealt with by a doctor?

Where appropriate then this will be the case but there are a large number of queries and problems that do not need a doctor to deal with them.  Certain queries that don’t need direct clinical involvement will only be accessible as an online form.  For example, if you a have been referred to see a specialist and have not had your appointment then this does not need a phone call to the practice.  Another example is if you have changed your details or wish to register with us.  These do not require you to contact the practice as they will be available through an online form.


We see online forms as an innovative and accessable way for patients to contact the practice.  Online forms can be accessed from a smart phone, tablet or PC removing the need to wait on the phone.  We are sure our patients will benefit from this new form of access.