Order a repeat prescription

This option is only for medicines that you take regularly, that have been authorised as ‘repeats’ by your Doctor.

If you are a newly registered patient at the practice and are yet to get your repeats authorised; click here.

If URGENT: Please contact your pharmacy where they can dispense an emergency script for your medication if they feel this is suitable. Please ensure you go through the normal channels listed below to get your next script (this takes 3 working days). DO NOT contact your GP for urgent medication requests. This will be rejected. Please ensure you plan ahead to avoid needing an emergency script from your pharmacy. 

Option 1 (Recommended)

Request medications online


If you do not have online access you can register for free. Please click here to see how. 


Option 2

Contact your local pharmacy that has handled your previous prescription requests and instruct them to request on your behalf. 


Option 3 

Attached to your prescription there should be a re-order form with the authorised drugs on it.

Tick the drugs that you require and either:

a) Post to us (write ‘Prescription’ on the envelope)

b) Place in the box in the Entrance Foyer

As this system is for regular medicines, please request in plenty of time.

Repeat prescriptions will be ready to collect after 3 working days whether collecting from the Surgery or the Chemist 



How to Collect:

There are three ways of collecting your prescriptions:-

  • Collect from the surgery after 3 working days.

  • Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope and we will post the prescription to you.

  • Most Chemists will collect prescriptions from the Surgery, so that you can collect the medicines direct from them. This saves a trip to the Surgery. If you wish to use this service then please write the name of the Chemist on the bottom of the tear off re-order slip where it says “Chemist______________________”.



To nominate a chemist for Electronic Prescriptions Service (EPS) – please click here

If you are housebound  - all chemists will deliver when necessary. Check with your Chemist and once agreed then please write “Deliver” next to the Chemist name on the order form.