About Us

Situated in the north of Leamington Spa, Clarendon Lodge Medical Practice has a long tradition of serving the local community.  For most of the last hundred years, the premises has been a doctor's residence and surgery. The original single handed practice became a two-man partnership (Drs Freeman and Stephens) until 1968 when they formed a group practice with Drs de Courcy and Daniels. Since 1982, the partnership has been five, and six doctors from 1996. The practice building has undergone much extension and conversion, major re-building in 1991 and 1996.

In 1965, the practice was one of the early pioneers employing a practice nurse and working with an attached health visitor. From these small beginnings the team has now grown to over thirty employed or attached colleagues. Most are accommodated within Clarendon Lodge and meet regularly with doctors and other health professionals