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Advanced Nurse Practitioner Posted on 7 Nov 2018

The Practice is pleased to announce the appointment of Jo Riley, Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP).  This is a new role to the Practice and we are confident that it will add value to the service we currently offer to you patients.

As well as being able to prescribe medication, Jo will be able to deal with the following problems/conditions:

Exacerbations of long-term conditions such as COPD/Asthma
Coughs and colds
Urinary Tract Infections
Ear pain
Hearing loss
Sore throats
Joint pain
Minor allergies
Memory problems
Social care such as signposting to Age UK
Discussing blood test results

When calling for a GP contact with any of the above, our Reception team will place the call with Jo. 

Jo's appintment is part of the Practice strategy of expanding our clinical team which, in addition to GPs, now includes a Community Liaison  Nurse (dealing with our frail and elderly patients), a Practice Pharmacist (to manage our medication and prescribing) and an ANP to add to our GP service.

Our strategy will help us to the patient to the right professional at the right time.