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For those patients travelling abroad we provide a travel clinic by appointment. This is not a routine NHS service and so the practice charges for this service.

For a list of the practice current non-NHS charges please click here.

You should arrange to have your vaccinations four weeks prior to your travel date. If you are travelling to multiple destinations, we require you to complete a travel vaccination questionnaire which can be downloaded by clicking here.

This questionnaire should be completed prior to making you appointment to seeing one of our Travel Vaccination Nurses.


Please click here to download a copy of our Travel Information Leaflet.  It is extremely important that this is read along with the FAQs below.


Travel Vaccinations FAQs:

Why do I have to make my appointment for my vaccinations so far in advance?

There are certain diseases you are at risk of catching whilst travelling. In order for the vaccines that protect you against these diseases to be effective, they need to be administered 4 weeks prior to you departure. Additionally, certain vaccinations require more then one injection administered over a period of time.

Why do I have to pay? What does the cost cover?

Unfortunately certain vaccinations and anti-malaria tablets are not covered by the NHS. Therefore, Clarendon Lodge Medical Practice is not reimbursed for the time spent organizing the Travel Clinic or for some vaccines and tablets necessary to protect your health when travelling abroad. The fee is to cover the time spent on arranging the appointments, the Travel Vaccination Nurse in reviewing your medical record and administration and cost of the vaccine.

The charge does not include any travel advice received as this is free of charge.

I’ve just booked a last minute holiday. What do I do now?

As mentioned above, we normally require at least 4 weeks notice prior to your departure date. In the above instance we would advice that you contact the surgery; however, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide you with the service at short notice.

I’m registered at University but my parents still live in the area and want me to receive my travel vaccinations from Clarendon Lodge. I’m staying with my sister for a few weeks who is registered with you and as I am due to go pack-backing, can I have the necessary vaccinations?

Ideally, Clarendon Lodge Medical Practice advises you to have travel vaccinations organized at the surgery where your records are kept. You should, therefore, receive these from the practice at which you are registered.

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