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Advantages of the Doctor First appointment system

  • Patients are seen when they want
  • By whom they want
  • The illest people are seen first
  • DNA’s (Did not attends) have virtually disappeared
  • Complaints have plummeted
  • Doctors and staff work in a much more productive , satisfying way
  • The system is more cost effective releasing money to be reinvested in the practice and further improve patient care
  • Clinicians know what their workload is every day and have a much more control over their working life
  • Stress is reduced in the patients, staff and doctors resulting in a happier working environment
  • There are enough appointments for everyone and so reception staff work in a great environment
  • Staff do not have to make decisions beyond their knowledge base better made by others
  • Staff are able to facilitate patients’ journey through the systems of the practice rather than acting as barriers-
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